Every Birth is a Miracle… 

There are some important decisions that change the course of human life.
Although education and marriage are the primary ones, one of the most important of these decisions is the decision to conceive.
There are some roles we have undertaken in life…
We become students, boss or employee, aunt, uncle… But there is one of them that changes your perspective on life one hundred percent: Motherhood…
Some emotions begin to flourish the first time you find out that your baby is in your womb. Endless love, loyalty, ownership, protection, feelings of compassion settle into your last breath.
You discover that your patience and courage are endless with it, you want all the goodness of the world to find it, you say, “How did my mother just understand me?” You create the absent, you make the impossible possible for it, for your baby.…
And the baby never grows up for the mother. You look at it with the same eyes and feelings, whether it is 5 months or 50 years old.
Here, from the beginning of the adventure of an asset that is so precious for you, it is again from your love in your effort to seek the right name and the right expert.
Op. Dr. Meriç Çağrı  Ağır is an expert who has been connected to his profession with love since the early days of his career and has always guided his course towards love.
Ağır, who says that “Bringing thousands of babies to her mother and witnessing the most innocent moments is the world’s most beautiful profession”, is an obstetrician who can manage pregnant psychology very well and completes the process professionally by establishing healthy relationships with prospective mothers.
If you want to spend the most exciting 9 months of your life full of fun and hope, leave each examination as complacent and comfortable, and reach out to your doctor at any time you need, you can walk this path with Op. Dr. Meriç Çağrı Ağır.
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Happy Parents…